NOTE:  We have given you the Bible references for each question, so you can look these up for yourself. This is a good way of getting better acquainted with the Word of God. Also, you will need to make sure your answers are accurate.  We suggest you make printouts of each quiz, and then you can work on them whenever you have the time and place to do so.  May you enjoy these quizzes and receive a special blessing from them!

I would be pleased to see your response to the quizzes, as you do them.  If you have any comments or questions, let me know.  Thanks!

1.  What will the “poor in spirit” receive? – Matthew 5:3

2.  Who will be “comforted”? – Matthew 5:4

3.  What will the “meek” inherit?  — Matthew 5:5

4.  What should we “hunger and thirst after”? – Matthew 5:6

5.  How should we always treat people? – Matthew 5:7

6.  Who shall “see God”? – Matthew 5:8

7.  The children of God are always ______________.  – Matthew 5:9

8.  What often happens to the righteous? – Matthew 5:10

9.  For whose sake are they blessed when men lie about those who walk with Christ? – Matthew 5:11

10.  How should we react when we are unjustly persecuted? – Matthew 5:12

11.  What are Christians likened to? – Matthew 5:13

12.  How far can “light” shine? – Matthew 5:14


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